Friday, February 12, 2010

This Is How We Do Olympics

As a little girl, I dreamed of one day competing in the Olympics just like Mary Lou Retton. Of course that never happened, but we did the next best thing...the Olympics came to us!

My cousins and I would have Olympic competitions for all kinds of games, from running to skipping to leap frog. I don't remember us actually giving out medals or anything but it sure was a blast!

So in honor of the Olympics that start tomorrow, here's a list of silly competitions that you can do with your little guys and dolls:
  1. Crab Walk (crawl on your hands and knees facing up)
  2. Camel Walk (crawl on your hands and feet with your bottom lifted up)
  3. Create an Obstacle Course (you can do this indoors if it's snowy or rainy)
  4. Jumping Jacks Marathon
  5. Balancing A Book On Your Head
  6. Pop a Balloon By Sitting On It
  7. How Many Times Can You Say Your Favorite Tongue Twister
  8. Skate Around The Tile Floor In Socks
  9. Indoor Hocky (use a balloon and clean fly swatters)
  10. Discuss (throw paper plates)
When the games are all done give everyone a certificate for participating, snuggle up with some fudge brownies and milk and enjoy the opening ceremonies!

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