Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sing Me A Lullaby Mama

I love singing and rocking my little rascals to sleep. Unfortunately, I found myself doing it less and less as my eldest rascal got older. But one special moment that Noah-the-Pooh and I shared last year reminded me that my rascals are never too old to hear their mama sing them a sweet lullaby.

Last year Noah-the-Pooh and I dove into out first year of homeschool. Rather than overwhelming ourselves with all sorts of subjects, we simply started with literature, a subject that we were both comfortable with. To our delight, our first lessons in literature would consist of learning new lullabies. We sang "Over The Rainbow", "Away In A Manger", and "Brahms Lullaby".

But the most precious moment came when we were learning "Baby Of Mine". He sat on my lap and I rocked him as I sang the lullaby to him. By the time I was done, Noah-the-Pooh was fast asleep! My 6 year old baby, rocked to sleep with a gentle lullaby.

Here are some lullaby collections that my little rascals enjoy :
Traditional Lullabies - classic lullabies
Rock Music Renditions of Lullabies - we love U2 from this collection.
Country and Folk Music Renditions of Lullabies - check out Johnny Cash and Patsy Cline!
Jazz Lullabies - with Judy Garland, Nat King Cole and June Christy!
Lullabies & Peaceful Worship - has beautiful prayers too!
Daddy's Lullabies- Now daddy can have sweet lullaby memories too!

This clip makes me cry whenever I see it *sniffle*.

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