Saturday, December 19, 2009

What I Learned From A Rat; The Power Of Comfort Food

I was wrapping Christmas presents watching one of my favorite Disney movies Ratatouille
which of course got me to thinking about food, specifically comfort food for children. In today's overweight population (ahem, finger pointing at myself), we tend to want to steer away from using food for comfort. To this I say nonsense! There's no fighting it, delicious food combined with happy memories brings comfort and that's the way the good Lord meant it to be.

Check out this clip from the movie that captures that lovely, joyous feeling that only comfort food can inspire. If you haven't seen the movie, the grim, lanky looking man is a hard to please food critic, Ego, who is about to taste a dish prepared by Remy, a chef and rat.
*turn down the music at the bottom of the page before playing clip


Wow! Powerful isn't it? Food, just like scents and music, is so powerfully connected to our memory that just one bite can bring joy, delight, euphoria and peace.
Some of my favorite childhood comfort foods are my mama's broccoli casserole, my abuelita's Mexican rice, my step mom's lasagna.

I asked my Hunny and Noah-the-Pooh what their favorite comfort foods that I make for them are and they chose meatloaf, sweet onion chicken, coconut chicken soup and split pea soup. Did you notice that sweets are missing from the list of comfort food. I was just as surprised. Oh yes sweets do bring plenty of comfort (the pooch on my belly is proof of that), is seems that any dish, including vegetable dishes, can be a comfort food.

On that note, I want to introduce a new category dedicated to bringing you recipes and inspiration to create wholesome, delicious comfort food for your family.

What are some of your favorite childhood comfort foods?
How about your family's favorite comfort foods?

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  1. oh, my very favorite comfort food is called hotdog skillet. My grandma found it in a women's day magazine in the 60's and my family has been making it ever since. You just fry up some potatoes and diced onions, then add a handful of shopped pickles and some chopped hotdogs. Sounds bizarre, but its VERY yummy, especially when smothered with ketchup!! The best part is, most mommas always have those ingredients in the house, so its a good meal when you're broke!


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