Friday, December 4, 2009


This week we celebrated my Noah-the-Pooh's 7th birthday. Yes we have been celebrating this whole week with play dates, movie nights, and now Fridays cake n' ice cream with family topped off with the series finale of Monk *sniffle*.

Noah-the-Pooh was a complete surprise. My Hunny and I had just got married in December (our 8th anniversary is coming up!) and we found out we were pregnant in March.

My *ahem* monthly had been quite irregular for many months (probably wedding stress) and I guess we were naive to think that we couldn't get pregnant. I had a sneaking suspicion I was pregnant so I took a test, negative. Phew! That was a relief. A week later I needed to take a TB test for a new job. Since my monthly had not come they required me to take a pregnancy test. Positive. What!? I began to cry, not because I was sad but rather a combination of joy and fear.

I went to the movies with my mom and sis that day and it was SO HARD not to tell them, I wanted to tell my Hunny first after all. They knew something was up because I had a silly grin on my face the whole time. I guess they thought it was still the honeymoon bliss!

So my Hunny finally came home about 11pm. This is how the conversation went:
me: So I went to get my TB test done today.
Hunny: uh-huh (looking for sweat pants)
me: they said I needed to take a pregnancy test first since I haven't had a period in a few months.
Hunny: uh-huh (starts to put sweats on)
me: it came back positive (pause)
Hunny: uh-huh
me: positive
Hunny: *cough* (falls over and looks at me with eyes bugged out. Thinks I may be joking but realizes it's true when he sees me teary eyed. He gets teary eyed and we hug and kiss!)

The next 9 months were really hard. I was on bed rest for 5 weeks due to a threatened miscarriage then again for the last 10 weeks for hypertension. It was during this time of uncertainty and despair that I finally surrendered my life to Jesus.
Praise God that my beautiful, healthy son was born December 2 @ 12:50 am

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