Wednesday, December 23, 2009

50 Fun Things To Do On Rainy (or Snowy) Days

Believe it or not, southern California is not always a sunny 76 degree. We've been having quite a few rainy, chilly days this past week, which means no park days and not much visiting with family. But I have to keep my 3 rascally boys busy with something or else they will find something to stay busy with (last time it was breaking crayons). Here's your idea's list to make beautiful rainy day memories! Download a printable pdf here. Don't forget to keep your camera handy!
  1. Build a fort or clubhouse out of sheets
  2. Play with play dough (you can make the play dough from scratch for an additional activity)
  3. Make rice crispy treats
  4. Watch a movie. Don't forget hot chocolate with giant marshmallows
  5. Play freeze dance
  6. Cut out snow flakes and hang them from the ceiling
  7. Do a fashion show
  8. Have a tea party
  9. Play dress up with vintage mama and daddy's Sunday best
  10. Spread your fluffiest blankets and pillows on the floor to roll around in and snuggle (and perhaps the kiddies will nap!)
  11. Write a book of poetry (yes I actually did this as a child! If you're nice I may even share one of my poems...)
  12. Write a book or a play
  13. Do origami
  14. Play Olympics (trust me, it's a lot more fun then it sounds)
  15. Sew clothes for dolls
  16. Do a photo shoot (I'll have to scan pictures of the photo shoots my sister and I did as kids)
  17. Puzzles
  18. Hide n' seek
  19. Bible study
  20. Make a map and play treasure hunt
  21. Look at photo albums
  22. Take a bubble bath
  23. Try to break a Guinness world record
  24. Play beauty salon
  25. Play fitness trainer or boot camp
  26. Do a parade
  27. Make tin can telephones
  28. Work on a model car, plane, ship, etc.
  29. Roast marshmallows
  30. Karaoke
  31. Paint a picture
  32. Make macaroni jewelry
  33. Color a coloring book
  34. Play with Lego's
  35. Make s'mores
  36. Read a favorite book
  37. Do a puppet show
  38. Do a pots and pans rock band
  39. Do a magic show
  40. Create a dance routine
  41. Play board games
  42. Make a rocket or car out of a large cardboard box
  43. "Make" clothes out of rolls of fabric (It's really more like wrap yourself in the fabric, but it's so much fun!)
  44. Play restaurant. Don't forget to make a menu!
  45. Make paper dolls
  46. Bake cookies and decorate them
  47. Camp out indoors
  48. Play charades
  49. Give each other facials
  50. Recreate favorite movie scene's and post them on youtube

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