Monday, November 23, 2009

You'll Know It's Time to Turn the Page When You Hear The Chime...

Remember those books-on-record you had as a kid? They were fantastic weren't they. Well last year as I was searching the web for an audio version of the classic The Carrot Seed for our homeschool, I found Kiddie Records Weekly. This wonderful website has hundreds of our beloved classic books-on-record. You can listen via audio stream, download the torrent zip file, or purchase a CD with all the stories. Here are some of our favorites:

2005 week 30

2009 Week 20

2009 Week 8

Next time you get the urge to turn on the boob tube to babysit the kids (I know I'm guilty of this), bring out some play dough, crayons & coloring books or cars and have your little guys and dolls listen to classic chidren stories instead!

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