Saturday, November 28, 2009

How To Party Like Fancy Nancy

My family is...well, a bit artsy. Okay...really artsy and extremely eccentric. I LOVE IT! When we party, we party! We've had Renaissance Christenings, costume Christmas party, all kinds of baby showers including casino, pirate, disco, even space odyssey. Yes we live for the theme. This weekend my niece turned 5 and her parents threw her a magnificent Fancy Nancy party. Being that I have all boys, I didn't even know who Fancy Nancy was. All I knew was that she was fabulous, french and fancy!

There were feathered boas, tutus, fancy feathered headbands, boutonnieres, top hats, and tons of necklaces to dress up in.

Le toilette

Bon appetit!

Here's the ultra fancy birthday girl with my sister, nephew and Jack-Jack peaking in the corner.

My boys enjoying the hor dourves at the activity table.

My cousin passing out more "fancy".

Decorating top hats with sticky decals.

The big boys hanging out by the face painting corner.

The front garden was covered with about 400 paper butterflies. Guests had 30 seconds to pick up as many butterflies as they could to win a prize.

The birthday girl treated up to some fancy ballet...

followed by a strut down the runway!

Happy 5th Birthday!
We also played pin the cherry on the cupcake, freeze dance, fishing, and of course the pi┼łata. We had a blast playing all the games, but truly the best part was dressing up. I really got to do that more often...
For more Fancy Nancy fun visit this website.
Au Revoir!

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  1. WOW... those cupcakes are so bright and cheery :) My youngest just turned 6 this past week and we had some... not that bright but cute. I love all the decorations and the hats are ultra chic. I hope you had a great holiday week that was full of memories.



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