Friday, November 27, 2009

Are Nursery Rhymes "Too Old-Fashion"?

I recently read this disturbing article where some young London parents felt nursery rhymes were too old fashion or weren't educational.

"Britain's love affair with nursery rhymes is cooling, with parents telling a new survey that they are too old-fashioned to engage their children, a trend which educationalists say could damage reading skills."

What? Mother Goose too old fashion? Has the world gone mad? Is there such a thing as "too old fashion?"

As a vintage mama I feel that some of the best stuff out there for kids is the classic, simple, wholesome, old fashion stuff. And as a homeschooling mama I love using tried-n-true, fun, creative, this-isn't-school-we're-just-playing types of lessons.

Mother Goose is a treasure trove to a lifetime of reading. Nursery rhymes teach:

  • that sounds are paired with specific letters or letter groups (phonetics)

  • the unconscious rules governing speech

  • to distinguish between sounds

  • syllables

  • rhyming (duh)

  • that language is made up of a string of words

  • letters and spelling

Nursery rhymes teach all of this and so much more! The best part is that they are so fun, easy and it opens the flood gates to your kids making up their own rhymes (though this could be a curse) which builds up their language skill even more!

So go now and read your little guys and dolls some "too old fashion" Mother Goose and give them a head start in language!

Looking for more fun language builders? Noah-the-Pooh and I play games from the book Phonemic Awareness . Written by some hoity-toity PH.D's that really know how to set the foundation for successful reading and spelling, this book is loaded with super simple and fun games. One of our faves is hide the alarm clock (or in our case "the cell phone"). Noah-the-Pooh steps out of the room while I hide my ringing cell phone. He tries to locate the sound to find my phone which is tougher then it sounds!


  1. My kids still love them and so do I...This world wants kids to grow up way before there time, In my house that's not going to happen...You only get to be a kid once, I'm going to make sure they hold onto that and enjoy it...

  2. Yes, the world has gone mad! Too old fashioned...pfffft! Plenty of decent contributing members of society grew up on these books. Sorry, I'm going on a rant now...whew, I feel better! I guess what I'm trying to say is that's just plain silly!

    I love the game you play with your son, what a wonderful mama you are!

    Thank you for your visit and comment, I'm sorry your kids are sick but I have to tell you I got a giggle with the "plump" comment. I do hope you get your massage, you deserve it. Hope your boys are feeling well soon!



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