Friday, October 30, 2009

Retro Christmas Wish List: Noah-the-Pooh

On my last post I shared with you some of my Jack Jacks Christmas wish list. This wish list is for 7 year old Noah-the-Pooh. I'm only going to share a few items because Noah-the-Pooh's wish list is quite extensive, and of course not everything on his list is retro (he does watch cartoons after all!). So here we go:

Star Wars: A Pop-Up Guide to the Galaxy by Matthew Reinhart

Star Wars Pop-up Guide to the Galaxy- Perhaps it's not vintage, but it certainly is retro! Noah-the-Pooh just LOVES Star Wars and pop-up books. He's just starting to read on his own and I think this book will definitely motivate him to do it more often!

Fun Ride Deluxe Zip Line - What boy wouldn't love to fly through the air and howl like Tarzan? Noah-the-Pooh loves riding the zip line at the park and has been dreaming of having one his own. I wonder if he would be terribly embarrassed if I zipped through the air and howled like Tarzan as well?

Real Cowboy Gear- I am convinced that every boy needs to have a pair of real cowboy boots (I remember my little brother wore his with his Superman costume), and I am ashamed to say that I have yet to get Noah-the-Pooh his pair. So before he gets too big for his britches, Vintage Mama's gonna git her cowboy some proper boots, a cowboy hat and maybe even a trick rope!

Electric Railroad Train- I'm actually going to cheat a little on this one. Noah-the-Pooh has Thomas Train on his wish list, but when I saw this train I just knew he would rather have real train. It has a real working headlight, smoke, sounds and even a lighted interior! What a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon with dad!

Building Projects for Boys- Any vintage mama with boys knows that they really aren't the "crafty" type. Sure they'll paste and paint, but what they really want to do it build and create! This 3 book set by Popular Mechanics is filled with clever idea's for curious boys! Titles include The Boy Mechanic, The Boy Scientist, and The Boy Mechanic Makes Toys.

The Dangerous Book for Boys- I was quite taken back by the titles of these books when he showed them to me. Was he gonna blow up the t.v. or somethin'? Well not exactly. These books teach boys how to do all the essentials, like make slime, a smoke bomb, and yes...a stink bomb. Dangerous indeed!

Praying Mantis Kit- What is it with boys and bugs? Must they touch, poke, catch and shove them into their horrified mama's faces? Apparently they do. At least this kit will keep the critter safe so that my curious little guy can observe to his hearts content!

Have you started a wish list for your little guys and dolls?

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